Experience and explore the oceanic world off the West Coast of Vancouver Island with SpyHop Ocean Adventures.


Our whale watching tours off the West Coast of Ucluelet, British Columbia consist of viewing migrating Humpback Whales, Grey Whales, and the residential/transients Orca pods that circulate Vancouver Island, as well as a variety of other marine animals. Join us for a tour today and not only catch a glimpse of all the coastal wildlife, but learn about the history of Barkley Sound and the Pacific West Coast.

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Whale Watching Tours - SpyHop Ocean Adventures
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Our wildlife tours are essentially all around interpretive tours of the oceanic world just off the West Coast of Ucluelet, British Columbia. While the goal of these tours is to observe the natural behavior of the animals that inhabit the coast, guests also get a glimpse of the historically rich waters of Barkley Sound and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of the Broken Group Islands.

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Contact us to inquire about the multi-day remote surfing trips we offer during the spring and fall. Get away from the crowded surf destinations along Vancouver Island’s coast and join us on a surfing adventure that is only obtainable by boat. Bring your familiar surf gear while camping gear and food provisions are provided in the tour costs. Our remote surf tours are sponsored by Hoyne Brewery Co.