SpyHop Zodiac Tours

SpyHop Zodiac tours provide one of the best ways to experience the vitality of the Pacific Ocean off of Vancouver Islands rugged West Coast. Our 11-passenger Zodiac is by far one of the more exciting options for wildlife tours and viewing because they get you as close to the action as possible for optimum viewing and an all around exciting and unforgettable boat ride for the whole family!

Choose your tour preference from the options below and come explore the West Coast waters on our fast and fun SpyHop Zodiac tours!



Customer’s Feedback about our Zodiac Tours –

“A few weeks ago while visiting Ucuelet, I thought it would be a great idea for my seven friends and I to book a custom whale watching tour to see the beautiful pacific northwest. After talking with many of the locals it become apparent that SpyHop Ocean Adventures was the top whale watching company in town. After calling and speaking with Rachel, the owner and operator of the company, I immediately knew we had made the right decision. Everything was seamless from the initial contact to the booking process, Rachel allowed us to create a custom tour based on our groups wants and needs. Once onboard SpyHops beautiful Zodiac Boat we began making our way up the coast and it wasn’t long before spotting a large Gray whale and a family of sea lions. Our group decided that the trip was definitely the top highlight of our visit to Ucluelet and Tofino. Well done Rachel, what a once and a lifetime experience!” – Chris Flynn, June/08/2016, TripAdvisor